Las Vegas Motor Speedway doesn't have a lot of history when it comes to off track brawls, but all that changed when Logano and Busch locked horns in 2017.

Fights in NASCAR aren't exactly common, so it's exciting when one breaks out. In 2007, that fight was Joey Logano versus Kyle Busch at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and honestly, it was one of the best brawls in the sport's history. Even better, it happened in Kyle Busch's hometown, which amped up the intensity. 

Let's back up.

The fight resulted from a last-lap incident between Kyle Busch and Joey Logano, where the Penske Racing driver accidentally spun Busch. The two were racing hard for position on the last lap when Busch tried to use him as a pick to gain a position. After that didn't work, he tried pinning the #22  down in the corner, which he responded to by getting into his quarter panel. 

Busch wasn't happy with this result and quickly got out of his car to confront Logano after the race. This got the fans yelling the same way they would at a WWE show. Busch went after Logano on pit road, but was stopped by several of Logano's crew members and tackled to the ground. 

Interestingly enough, Busch went down swinging like an MMA fighter after a takedown and was really going after Logano's crew. Unfortunately for Busch, he looked worse for wear after the fight, sporting a bloody forehead and shoving away his team to go back after Logano. It was again like WWE, where the two sides have to be separated but want to go at each other before the big pay-per-view. 

After the drivers cooled down a bit, it was time for interviews, and both were pretty funny to watch.  For example, Logano was asked by reporters if any blows landed between them, and he smugly responded with, "none to me" and smiled.  Busch followed that up by appearing for an interview still bloody from the fight and vowing that Logano would "get it." 

NASCAR responded to the fight by deciding to have a sit-down conversation between Logano and Busch later in the week but chose not to punish them for the incident.

Believe it or not, and it really is hard to believe given NASCAR's history, this is one of the only fights that took place at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Maybe that has to do with it not being a short track where drivers are always in close quarters, or it might just be dumb luck. 

In the end, Logano versus Kyle Busch was one for the books, and while it wasn't the craziest fight in NASCAR history, it did mark the time that the hometown boy got knocked on his ass by the next big thing. It also marked one of the few times in the history of NASCAR fights that a driver was seen visibility beat up after a brawl.