The Las Vegas Raiders faced off against the Denver Broncos last week and things got a little heated between Isaiah Johnson and Tim Patrick.

The Denver Broncos didn’t put up much of a fight during their week 11 matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders, but the team did manage to have one interesting squabble with their rivals. It all started in the fourth quarter when Lamarcus Joyner of the Raiders was called for defensive holding on KJ Hamler after the play concluded. 

This call frustrated Johnathon Abram, who proceeded to get in the face of Broncos receiver Tim Patrick and pushed him. Patrick wasn’t happy about that and punched Abram in his helmet's faceguard. Two seconds later, Isiah Johnson retaliated by punching Patrick, which led to both teams receiving offsetting penalties. 

Unfortunately, both Isiah Johnson and Tim Patrick were ejected from the game due to their actions. Of course, it didn’t matter, as the Raiders had a sizable lead over the Broncos at this point in the game, but it could have been a game-changer if it had happened earlier. It might even have shifted the game in the Broncos' favor. 

The Las Vegas Raiders ended up destroying the Denver Broncos 37-12 in one of their best defensive showings to date. Beyond that, it was a redemption game for Joshua Jacobs, who scored two touchdowns during the game and racked up a total of 112 yards. Devontae Parker also ended the day with 81 yards and two touchdowns, which really contributed to the overall blowout! 

It sucked to see players get ejected for fighting, but watching a brawl break out on the gridiron is something special. Sure, it was just a few helmet punches this time, but what happens next time another team tries to test the Raiders' patience?