The upcoming NHL season is upon us, but it will feature a lot of changes that fans need to get used to.

1. Las Vegas is looking for redemption

Las Vegas is looking for redemption

The 2021 NHL season is just over a week away and fans are pumped. For the Las Vegas Golden Knights, it's about more than just regular excitement, though; it’s about getting back into the playoffs and earning their first Stanley Cup. 

The team came close to that goal last year after posting a 39-24 record but were knocked out in the semi-finals by the Dallas Stars.  The Stars ended up beating the Knights 4-1 in what has to be one of the most disappointing collapses in the organization's history.

In the end, this season is about redemption. This team has just come close to a title too many times not to finally break through. It’s only a matter of time.