Here are the five real MVP's in the city of Las Vegas this year.

#5 Derek Carr

#5 Derek Carr

Derek Carr has had quite a difficult career with the Raiders. Fans continue to say he isn’t the one. However, he's one of the biggest reasons why the Raiders are in the hunt for a playoff berth. What happens when you take Carr  away? 

Without Carr, we would have Marcus Mariota, who had a great college career but hasn’t been successful at the NFL level. Of course, he got the Tennessee Titans to the playoffs once or twice and even had some strong showings, but Tennessee got rid of him for a reason. Unfortunately for Mariota fans, that reason is that he isn’t as good as they thought he was. 

Now that we have switched QB’s for this hypothetical situation, let’s think about how Mariota would change the game. The first problem is that his competition percentage was below average before his exit from the Titans, and he was unusually injury-prone. This means that Mariota is going to need a lot of protection upfront from his o-line. 

Factor in the lack of ability to get down the field, Josh Jacobs off games and the defense, and you have a completely different team that would struggle to go 2-6 at this point. Raiders fans need to realize that things are a lot better than they seem to be and start appreciating Carr for the talent he brings to the field.