The Las Vegas Raiders shocked the sports world last week by defeating the Kansas City Chiefs and that's not even the craziest thing that happened!

#5 John Gruden claims there is more work to do

#5 John Gruden claims there is more work to do

The Las Vegas Raiders defeated the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, and while one would think that John Gruden would be ecstatic after knocking off the Super Bowl Champions, he didn’t seem to echo that sentiment. Yeah, he was happy about winning the game to some degree, but he still believes that the team has a lot of work to do before they can be taken seriously. 

“I hope we gain confidence. We got Tom Brady coming in here [after the bye]. We have seen Drew Brees and we have seen Cam Newton. We have seen one of the hottest quarterbacks in [Josh] Allen, now we have seen Mahomes and we’ve already seen [Teddy] Bridgewater. Also, We need to get healthy and stay focused and be true to ourselves. I’m sure we can still get better, we are going to have to get better if we are going to stay in the hunt,” 

Now, Gruden is right about the Raiders still having some work to do in order to get better, but defeating the Chiefs was a big step in the right direction.