The Las Vegas Raiders have a lot to address during the offseason, but these five things will be of particular importance.

2. What's the new approach?

What's the new approach?

Let’s be honest here. The Las Vegas Raiders are very much in need of an identity and need to start establishing one during the offseason. Now, there are a variety of ways that the team can go with this, but one idea would be a multi-tiered running game. For example, let’s go back to the idea of reliving Josh Jacobs and saving him for when he is actually needed.

While it will take the right moves in free agency or the draft to make this happen, it would relieve the offense, allow Carr some added strategy to his game, and give the Raiders a better shot at winning. Or maybe they make the defense their identity. Yeah, it would include replacing key players and a lot of moves during the offseason, but what if they could build a super team? A super team capable of demolishing any offense they meet. They would be the envy of their division, making them a very difficult opponent to go up against.