Trent Brown came dangerously close to infecting several members of the Raiders' offensive line. The incident could cost him his job

Will Trent Brown remain with the Las Vegas Raiders after the 2020 season? 

The answer to that question used to be a resounding yes, especially since Brown was supposed to give the Raiders an edge on defense, but it’s becoming harder and harder to tell.

Think about it! This is the man that contracted COVID-19 and still decided to hang around teammates. He was also reportedly caught without a mask during a team hang out and removed his monitoring device that was supposed to help with contact tracing. Brown was a huge reason why the Raiders didn’t practice last week and partially to blame for their loss to the Buccaneers. 

Of course, not everything can fall on Brown’s shoulders, especially with how bad the defense did in his absence, but his behavior signifies that he’s not a team player. Why else would he risk the o-line missing the game against the Buccaneers? Also, why would he remove a monitoring device meant to help the team keep everyone safe? 

Brown seems to only care about one person- and that’s himself. As if that wasn’t bad enough for Brown, he also stands with one of the biggest cap hits to the organization at 21 million dollars, which could lead to him being released or traded away in the offseason. 

It’s just impossible to know what to do with this guy. On the one hand, you want to give him a chance to gel with his teammates and see if any notable changes occur. On the other hand, however, his actions off the field are a distraction to the entire team.

In a sport where every single game matters in a 16-week season, the Raiders can’t afford these kinds of distractions. That’s why they might be better off unloading Brown during the offseason if he doesn't manage to gain any momentum.