The Las Vegas Raiders shocked the sports world last week by defeating the Kansas City Chiefs and that's not even the craziest thing that happened!

#4 Las Vegas has the easiest schedule going forward

#4  Las Vegas has the easiest schedule going forward

As if the fact that the Las Vegas Raiders toppled the defending Super Bowl Champions last Sunday wasn’t unbelievable enough, Vegas fans now get to wrap their head around the fact that they have the weakest strength of schedule going forward.  In fact, the only other team that comes close is the Dallas Cowboys, who have several easy opponents coming up as well. 

While taking advantage of this weak schedule will be difficult to do at times, especially with the defense's lack of performance, there is no reason to believe that the Raiders can’t win a big chunk of the remaining games. Furthermore, after their victory against the Chiefs, there might not be a need to doubt that the Raiders will be a playoff team this year either. 

In the end, strength of schedule is only one of many factors that play out during a season, but it’s nice to see that the Raiders will have a few softballs thrown their way.  Going up against the Broncos and the Chargers is a lot easier than going up against the Bears, the Bills, or the Ravens.