Vegas is the hotspot of the world's top restaurants and eateries. You can be sure to get whatever sets your tastes buds on pleasure fire, including some tasty bagels of your choice. There are lots of worthy joints offering impressive bagels choices. If you drop by for your vacation in Sin City, you should try out the bagels in the following spots:

2. Weiss Deli and Bakery

Weiss Deli and Bakery

Weiss Deli and Bakery is another excellent bagel spot located at 2744 N. Green Valley Parkway. They specialize in old-fashioned bagel options and homemade cream cheese you'll love. Even better, they have a rich menu with amazing dishes to accompany your bagels. You can order smoked salmon, cream cheese, or a plate of hand-sliced lox to accompany your favorite flavored bagel.